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Coming out of the chute 20.12.2016
Hitting the ground running 21.12.2016
A big day....with a lot covered! 22.12.2016
A long walk on a short day 23.12.2016
Short 'n sweet 24.12.2016
Misunderstood, misread, and misheard, but not bad! 25.12.2016
Hitting overdrive in Copenhagen! 26.12.2016
Headed to hippietown! 27.12.2016
Real Danes doing the stuff that real danes do 29.12.2016
Up into the mountains and out into the cold! 29.12.2016
Baby it's cold outside 30.12.2016
Things forgotten are remembered 31.12.2016
Now for something completely different..... 01.01.2017
A city made to wander 02.01.2017
It's cold outside....again! 03.01.2017
In the grand scheme, things aren't that different 04.01.2017
Into the unknown. Or surprises are not always bad 06.01.2017
Back home again/Last one 08.01.2017